Services & Pricing



~ No hidden fees! It's all here to see. 

~ No extra medication fees; senior friendly! I love my aging friends!

~ Complimentary Meet & Greets!

~ Multi-pet discounts!

~ I supply the poop bags!

~ Report card with pictures for every visit!

+$12 per visit on Major Holidays 

(Click to see list)

New Years Day (1/1/24)

Easter (4/7/23 - 4/9/23)

Memorial Day (5/27/23 - 5/29/23)

Independence Day (7/1/23 - 7/4/23)

Labor Day (9/2/23 - 9/4/23)

Thanksgiving (11/22/23 - 11/24/23)

Christmas (12/23/23 - 12/25/23)

New Year's Eve (12/30/23 - 12/31/23)

*Weather Disclaimer*

I will always put your pets well being first! I will always take their breed into consideration when making decisions on the weather, and I will never force an animal to be in weather they are uncomfortable in!

I will walk in rain, but I will not walk with lightening.

I will walk in snow, but I will not walk in severe and/or dangerous storms.

I will walk when its warm, but I will not walk on pavement/sidewalks when temps reach over 80*F. 

Services will NOT be cancelled, but altered to keep your pet safe and happy!

Walks & Drop-In Visits

Households with more than 10 animals(not including farm animals), please ask for a quote. 

1 Pet

30 minutes $24

60 minutes $34

4 Pets (Max 2 dogs)

30 minutes $30

60 minutes $40

8 Pets (Max 4 dogs)

30 minutes $40

60 minutes $55

10 Pets (Max 6 dogs)

30 minutes $49

60 minutes $63

1 small mammal, reptile, or bird


+$7/each additional cage or tank

Included in a 30/60 minute visit with other pets: +$10/tank or cage

Farm & Livestock

Barn Chores $24/hour

Vacation Care Ask for Quote

Overnight Care

**Service Suspended**

Households with more than 10 animals(not including farm animals), please ask for a quote. 

Overnight Care :: $87 (Up to 2 dogs)

In your home care from 8 PM to 8 AM. 

Fee includes

AM feeding

1 midday Drop-In/Walk (30 minutes)

Overnight Care (8pm-8am).

Each Additional Dog Rate: +$22

Each Additional Cat: +$8

Each Additional Caged/Tanked Animal: +$10

Farm Rate: Ask for Quote

Fun & Enriching Add-ons!

Peanut Butter & Banana Filled Frozen Kong :: +$4

Peanut Butter Likimat :: +$3 

Pupcicle (Chicken or Beef) :: +$4

Snuffle Mat & Mixed Training Treats :: +$3

Treat Puzzle (level 1, 2, or 3) :: +$4

*Allergy Safe Options*

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Filled Frozen Kong :: +$4

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Likimat :: $3

Special Services

Solo Adventure Hike ::  $67 (Up to 2 dogs)

2 hours blocked off just for your dog(s) to have an especially fun day! Includes a taxi to dog friendly trail for our adventure. Dogs must be at least 7 months of age. Dogs must all be from same household. 

Taxi :: $32/hour + $0.25/mile

Taxi services can be used to go to the groomer, the vet, daycare, boarding or any other pet related appointment. This service included a ride to the appointment both ways. Time will be tracked when partners are with the pet. Miles will be tracked using MileIQ, an app that auto logs every drive!

Weddings :: $100/hour + $0.25/mile

Wedding services include a taxi to and from wedding, and a fun, enriching treat to keep them occupied while waiting for their time to shine. Walking the dog down the aisle is listed as an additional fee due to wardrobe requirements.

Maintenance Brush Outs :: starting at +$22

We reserve the right to decline dogs based on coat condition.

*I am NOT a groomer, but can assist with upkeep in between a REGULAR grooming schedule.*

If you need a recommendation for a regular groomer, please reach out!

Cleaning Services

Poop Clean Up

We come to your yard to clear it of pet waste for you. Client must provide disposal of waste.

If waste has not been cleaned for the entire winter season, fee is subject to change!

Litter Box Scooping

We come to your home to scoop out your litter box for you. Client must provide new litter, and disposal of waste and used litter. 

Cage/Tank Cleaning

We come to your home and clean out your little critters(Small Mammal, Reptile & Bird) cage! Client must provide new bedding, and disposal of waste and used bedding. 

Fish Tank Maintenance Cleaning :: Starting at $32, Ask for Quote

We come to your home to preform routine maintenance on your fish tank! Please have all needed chemicals on hand. 

Water conditioner, Bottled Bacteria, Fertilizers, etc. 

Client is responsible for supplying the necessary equipment and supplies needed for the care of their pet(s). Costs of all purchases and related service fees will be added to the most recent invoice on the client's account.

Ruff Hiking and Pet Sitting requires a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit for all overnight stays.

Ruff Hiking and Pet Sitting reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% for services canceled with less than 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled service. 

Ruff Hiking reserves the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee for repeat services canceled with less than 48 hours notice prior to service. 

Ruff Hiking and Pet Sitting reserves the right to charge a last minute booking fee up to 50% of the original service. Last minute is defined as Client booking service within 12 hours of service time.

Office Hours :: 8AM to 7PM Monday - Friday, Closed on Holidays

Walks :: 8AM to 6PM Monday - Friday

Drop-ins :: 8AM to 8PM

Overnight Care :: 8PM to 8AM

*May be able to accommodate earlier or later times depending on weekly schedule*


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